Dental Crowns in Franklin, TN

Step into the regal realm of dental care, where the majesty of your smile is crowned with the timeless strength and beauty of our bespoke dental crowns – a testament to the artistry of human touch and the brilliance of modern dentistry.

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Dental Crowns in Franklin, TN

What Are Dental Crowns and When Do You Need Them?

Dental crowns are restorations for fractured or severely decayed teeth beyond dental bonding and fillings. They consist of a tooth-shaped cap the dentist creates after taking impressions of your tooth. The dentist installs the cap over your tooth to protect the sensitive parts beneath the tooth. At Dental Haven, we design our crowns to resemble your natural teeth, so they remain discreet and blend with the other teeth.

Dental Crowns in Franklin, TN

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Dental Crowns can have built-in sensors? These tiny sensors can monitor and collect real-time data on factors like bite force, temperature, and even pH levels in the mouth. By providing valuable feedback to both the patient and the dentist, these smart crowns contribute to better oral health management and early detection of potential issues.

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What We Offer


We offer high-quality lab-made dental crowns made from premium porcelain, ceramic, fold, or nickel. You’ll liaise with Dr. Girmscheid for the best choice of crown material for your specific needs and budgets. We fix these crowns in two sessions: the first involves taking impressions of your teeth, while the second involves installing the actual crowns.

What to Expect When Getting Dental Crowns?

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Initial Consultation and Tooth Preparation

The first step in getting dental crowns is a consultation with Dr. Girmscheid. This consultation involves examining your teeth, specifically the extent of the fracture or decay, to determine the viability of crowns for your dental issue. If so, your dentist in Franklin will create a treatment plan and help you choose the best type of crown for your teeth.

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Tooth Preparation and Taking Impressions

Next, Dr. Girmscheid will inject lidocaine into the gums near the affected tooth to numb it and prepare your tooth by removing any decayed or loose fragments. Once the fragments are removed, she'll press dental putty on the affected tooth to get its impressions and create a mold. Alternatively, she may use a 3D digital scanner or intra-oral scanner to achieve the same.

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Crown Fabrication and Crown Fitting

Dr. Girmscheid will send the impressions to a lab to manufacture your custom crown. Manufacturing takes about two weeks, after which she’ll call you in to fit the dental crown. During fitting, Dr. Girmscheid will place the crown on the affected tooth and check whether it fits and matches the rest of the teeth. If everything checks out,she’ll apply dental adhesive on the crown, place it on the tooth and cure it with a special light to secure it to the tooth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recovery after getting dental crowns usually takes a few days, but longer if you had complications during the procedure. While recovering, it’s important to avoid hard foods that may break the dental crowns. You should also avoid chewing with the side containing the dental crowns and contact the dentist should you feel pain after the procedure.

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